- painting modern day heroes -

My work explores the idea of contemporary heroes and the power of conversation. I paint scenes with characters that go through great efforts to have difficult conversations regarding science, philosophy, religion, politics among other things. To me they represent a critique of individualism, indifference and detachment regarding our role as a global community.

I use different mediums such as markers, acrylics, oil paints, stencils, rollers and spray paint, to create patterning, abstract mark making and figurative forms further animating ideas of conversation between transhistorical aesthetic languages.

I am influenced by pop culture imagery, hip-hop, comic books, graffiti, advertisement, propaganda, religious iconography and cinema.


Articles and Prizes

I–D Vice interview:

Clarks & Halo Trust project:

Blank Canvas Annual Commissioning Art Prize:

Art Gemini Prize 2nd place, painting category: